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Dating backwards

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that they must bear upon them the indication of the day and year when they were delivered, may be traced back to the time of Constantine.

In the course of the Middle Ages this principle was generally admitted, and we find, for example, that at Cologne in the twelfth century the validity of a certain instrument was contested because it lacked a date. now the Roman decrees lay down that letters which lack the day and the indiction have no binding force." (Westdeutsche Zeitschrift für Geschichte, I, 377.) But although this principle was recognized in theory it was not always carried out in practice.

I've tried rolling in face first - but only once ...

From many boats, a `giant stride' is a good alternative technique for entering the water.

UPDATE: Even more games added to the MASSIVE list of Xbox One backwards compatible games. You can even play Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One now, just to stave off the pangs of hunger for a sequel.

The long-awaited, fan-requested feature allows gamers to dust off their back catalogue of Xbox 360 games and despatch their last-gen console to the attic along with their PSP and the ghost of a Sega Megadrive that quietly moans in the corner.

Michael Collins, Randwick Given the weight of the oxygen tank on your back and the fact that it makes you top-heavy, it is simply the most efficient way of getting into the water from a small boat; standing on the edge and jumping off forwards would upset the craft's balance and you would not be able to keep your balance and would fall either forwards or backwards.

Also, I'm much less likely to lose my mask or get water in it.

When instructed by the skipper, it is then an easy motion to roll backwards, placing a hand over the facemask and wrapping the arms over any loose hoses and attachments.

An alternate approach, when there is more room to dress and manoeuvre, is to step off the boat with a large stride, again holding the hand over the mask and arms over the loose diving gear.

For physical discs, just push them straight in and wait for them to boot up.

Digital Xbox 360 games will appear in the 'My Games and Apps' section of your UI and you can simply download them again.