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By the early 18th century the Tocobaga had been virtually annihilated, having fallen victim to European diseases from which they had no immunity, as well as European conflicts.Later Spanish explorers named the area Punta Piñal (Spanish for "Point of Pines" or "Piney Point"). In 1834 much of west central Florida, including the Pinellas peninsula (then known simply as West Hillsborough), was organized as Hillsborough County.She is being held in the Pinellas County jail in lieu of ,000 bond.

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It was Philippe who first introduced both citrus culture and cigar-making to Florida.The Respondent will be served (hand delivered) notice of the hearing and certified copies of both the Judge's order and your Petition.the Judge at the hearing will determine whether or not to grant you a Final Judgment based on testimony from you, the Respondent and any eye-witnesses. after an Injunction has been entered, you should first contact your local law enforcement agency and file a police report.For more information on Criminal and Traffic Court Records Appeals, click here.This department also takes appropriate action when the Court approves a petition to seal or expunge a case file. According to federal law, for an offense to be a felony it must have a possible sentence of more than one year.Prior to European exploration and settlement the Pinellas peninsula, like all of Tampa Bay, was inhabited by the Tocobaga Indians, who built a town and large temple mound overlooking the bay in what is now Safety Harbor.