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Stamos was married to Rebecca Romijn from 1998 to 2005.

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These include Kevin Garvey - Justin Theroux's long-suffering protagonist as well as Christopher Eccleston's Reverend Matt Jamison.One character who we'll especially get the opportunity to say goodbye to is Nora Durst who has been played to impeccable degrees by Carrie Coon since the show's very first episode.

Bill got shot through the heart – and the Doctor's to blame.

Titled, 'The Book of Nora,' the episode will see the character continue in her quest to be reunited with her family who all disappeared in the Sudden Departure by entering a machine that purports to zap her to... season three concludes on HBO this Sunday (4 June) and all episodes will ve available to watch in the UK on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV from 4 July.

You can find all our reviews of each season three episode here, as well as an article on why last week's Laurie-centric outing was so difficult to watch.

Not, as you might expect, due to laziness or indeed busyness, but because once the credits rolled on sixth episode 'Certified,' I endured such a sleepless night filled with unadulterated gut-wrench that when it came to thinking about the words to write, I flat out rejected the action.

It's since become clear to me in the ensuing days, however, that - put simply - I need to. This series has been filled with numerous moments where, despite never really grasping an understanding of a character's motivation, I have freely accepted it as their personal reaction to the Sudden Departure (chief suspects: the Guilty Remnant).